I started studying philosophy without knowing where it would take me or how much it would shape me. Like many others, I associated philosophy with the dry, never-ending rumination of old men, and it wasn’t until I started exploring questions like, “What is philosophy?” “Who is the philosopher?” and “What can philosophy do?” that I began to see how philosophy can be practiced in ways that are exceptionally meaningful for our everyday lives.

Over the years my relationship with philosophy has been marked by a playful passion for its ability to inform our experiences no matter who we are or from where we come. And I pursue it in ways that resist being boring, dull, or pointless. Instead, I think that philosophy should fill you up and make you think better, feel better, and live better. If it doesn’t, then it’s not living up to its purpose as an art of living.

After earning a dual Ph.D. in Philosophy and Women’s Studies from Penn State, I relocated to Colorado to continue practicing philosophy with the general public as a philosophical practitioner and consultant. While I’m still indulging my love for teaching at the collegiate level, I am equally committed to demonstrating how philosophical practice can enrich the lives of non-academic audiences.

If you’d like to know more about the intertwining of my own life and philosophy – what I call my “philifesophy” – check out some of these posts:

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