My Philifesophy

I coined the term ‘philifesophy to refer to how philosophy and life intersect and influence one another in complex and meaningful ways. To practice a philifesophy is to live in a thoughtful, self-reflexive way that supports continual growth and transformation. Click here for examples of my public engagement (talks, articles, podcasts, interviews, etc.). 

My Philifesophy in Previous Projects:

youtubeThink for a Change™ is a YouTube video project that I launched in 2010 as a way to make philosophy accessible to general public audiences. To demonstrate the value of a philosophically informed approach to key issues I comment on current events by referring to specific texts and arguments. Popular topics include race and racism, gay and transgender identities, homophobia, surviving sexual violence, and the meaning of life.

“One of the most interesting and intelligent channels on Youtube.” -Karishak89

littlebirdLittle Bird, Poet Tree is the first blog I created in 2009. As I went through graduate school its content shifted from philosophically-informed poetic entries to passionate commentaries on academic philosophy, graduate school, writing, and teaching. Reflections on relationships, identity, death, and vulnerability are also woven throughout, so please browse through the old archives to see how I’ve developed in my own philosophical practice.