Philosophical Practice & Consulting

“Conversations with Cori didn’t just ‘challenge me’ – she dramatically revolutionized my thought processes, expanded my ability to self-reflect, and altered the way I experience and respond to the world around me–all for the better. Working with Cori not only helped me think differently; she helped me to derive a sense of gratification from engaging in the process of thinking itself.” -B.G.

What is Philosophical Consulting?

Thanks for taking the time to learn about philosophical practice – which is also sometimes called ‘philosophical counseling‘ – and the consulting services I provide for others. My aim is to change my clients’ lives for the better by helping them become better versions of themselves. The method is simple: we talk. But we talk in ways that encourage one to grow, learn, understand, and think in new, critical ways about experiences, relationships, and our lives in general. In terms of the topics that we cover, pretty much anything is fair game—careers, family dynamics, parenting, marriage and dating, sex, aging, death, abuse, trauma, identity, and even the meaning of life are all up for grabs.

One thing needs to be clear, though. I’m not a therapist. I’m not a life coach (although the Washington Post would describe me as an ‘intellectual life coach.’). I’m a philosopher. In other words, I won’t diagnose you. I won’t just sit on the sidelines and be your cheerleader. What I will do is guide and inform your thoughts through a type of reflection that is transformative, empowering, and healing. You won’t be expected to just sit down and tell me your “problems” and I won’t presume to have treatments as solutions. (Despite a popular misconception, the best philosophers don’t offer solid answers.) In fact, I don’t provide the content as much as I facilitate your ability to undergo a different kind of process. And don’t worry, you don’t need to know anything about philosophy. We’ll sit, talk, explore, imagine, and think about whatever is pertinent…together.

My own experience with philosophy has changed my life and me in incredible, empowering ways. That’s why I started studying philosophy. But it’s not easy. To think about one’s life in a way that produces such dramatic changes doesn’t just require a level of open-minded thoughtfulness—it also requires a deep desire for greater self-awareness and a willingness to be honest, to share, to be vulnerable. At the very minimum, the growth and understanding that I promote demands a type of courage found in risking what one thinks one knows (about oneself, about the world, about anything at all). This can be just as difficult as it is worth it. And it’s totally worth it.

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