Here’s what other people are saying about my philosophical practice:

Cori is one of the most sincere people I have ever met. There is a contagious joy that emanates from her thoughtfulness. One of the things I appreciate the most is that sessions with Cori are not one-sided monologues, they are true conversations. Cori has a gift of meeting people exactly where they are and nudging you forward from there. She has challenged me on my levels and is genuinely happy to be challenged in return.” – M.L. 

“Cori has helped me view many areas in my life in a refreshingly clear way. She possesses an original, engaging, and even entertaining approach to many of life’s issues.” -S.O.

“Cori is that rare combination of creative curiosity and compassion mixed with raw genius and determination…Retraining your brain and habits is difficult, but Cori not only helps you do this, she makes you excited to learn how.” – N.H.

“Cori understands philosophy and why and how it matters to real life, and she knows how to connect with people and help them think through issues that matter to them.  Cori’s first-rate scholarship prepares her for this work; her long history of publicly engaged philosophy demonstrates her ability to help us all see why and how philosophy matters.”    -S.M.

“Cori has a rare gift for helping people think through serious issues in their lives with clarity, honesty and compassion. Her observations and insights have affected me in powerful ways – inspiring me to reconsider what really matters in my life, and helping me to articulate the ideas that have shaped my professional identity.” -M.S.

“Cori’s philosophical training grants her the rare ability to see patterns of behavior that are transparent to most. She also has the even more rare ability to develop insightful and diverse ways of sharing this with others.” -C.A.

“Talking with Cori has been a huge boost to my confidence and self-esteem. Cori has acted as an intelligent and compassionate mentor, and having someone I respect believe in me and get excited about my progress has been a crucial element to making the kinds of changes I want to make in my life. Thanks for everything Cori!” - J.M.

“Cori provided me with the one-on-one support and resources that allowed me to navigate my questions of sexuality and gender. Today I feel both comfortable and proud claiming a queer identity, and I attribute that to working with her. I felt unconditionally supported and encouraged every step of the way.” -B.G.

“Dr. Cori Wong’s guidance, keen insight, and ability to frame and discuss issues in a profound, yet accessible manner have been instrumental in my progress of thinking in transformative ways. I always look forward to our scintillating conversations, where I feel affirmed and challenged in how I orient myself to my milieu and greater world.” -J.J.

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