Existential Themes and the Meaning of Life

I’ve now recorded the fifth video for my “Think for a Change” channel on Youtube. I think some of the earlier videos went more smoothly, but I appreciate my cat’s presence in this one, even if he is distracting to me.

4 thoughts on “Existential Themes and the Meaning of Life

  1. Hey Becca, I agree with you that institutions play an important role in people's lives and decisions, but I also think that many people make many, many decisions on such a small level, which have big impacts on their lives and the lives of others', without having this in mind. Thanks for watching!!

  2. do you think that most people make decisions with the concept of local or remote impact in mind? i might argue that most people do not… which might be where structured institutions become necessary… whether they be religious institutions or social frameworks (laws/customs/values). the true social ailment, in mind mind, lies in when these institutions go awry… these institutions are far more dangerous than individuals (in most cases).not a philospher… just a curious wanderer. i liked the video.–b–

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