The Pleasure of Not Smoking

I’m thinking of quitting smoking…no small task. But instead of quitting out of some sense of guilt or shame, like because smoking is bad or because others negatively judge those who do it, I want to apply some ideas that I have come across through podcasts and philosophy to make this a pleasurable process. That is, instead of using pain and punishment as a mode of discipline, I want to discipline myself to quit smoking through the use of pleasure. If and when I want a cigarette, I will ask myself, “What would I enjoy even more than a cigarette right now?” and then do that.

You can listen to the podcast I mention here.

(By the way, Radiolab is one of my favorite podcasts! The shows are definitely worth a listen.)

You can also go back to my previous blog post about the Creation, Intensification and Multiplication of Pleasures.

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