Writing with Feeling

You know what’s been lacking in my life as of late?
A little bit of writing that resonates.
All the while I’ve been writing about writing but failing to find those words that sound right in my body.
I’ve been distanced from feeling like syllables carry meaning and forgetting that my first love for words occurred when I wasn’t buried in constructing sentences
but surprised
by what the words did to my heart rate before they registered in my head.
A couple of words
carefully connected can reveal new insights that change your life.
That’s what she said
when she spoke of horizons swallowing up the earth with a kiss
how the ocean is so much bigger than this
from nowhere
I sense that you have to learn something true to spell it out like that.
And I guess that’s how experience translates into painting and poetry.
We replicate what is otherwise hard to communicate
and its frustrating if our words fail to demonstrate
that which we want to share and celebrate
with others about
our insights about
how we love what has come to be without
regretting everything it took to get there,
that sometimes nothing is more trustworthy than how it simply appears.
And so we conclude by saying,
I guess you had to be there.
To get it right
you gotta know what it feels like
cuz without raw experience you can’t project beyond what you already fear.
Thus, this language seems limiting.

But there’s also a chance that the most gifted with speech might pen
into the present a space to be free
to think more clearly about how what we say affects you and me
with consequence on levels more deeply
than what we merely can see.
Metaphorically speaking, the power of words to foster new imaginings is probably frightening
for those who don’t want to admit
of a world where painting and poetry can deliver a hit
like a bag of bricks.
Potency and brevity are catalysts for a chain reaction of resistance.
Put them together and you get a message that sticks.

Like “I am the 99%”

So as I continue to write
I wanna show thanks to those who have reminded me that my philifesophy could never be framed in terms of a mind over a body.
At the same time
I can’t privilege philosophy over poetry.
The latter gives sense to sentences which otherwise fall short of a love of wisdom.
Like jazz and poetry, philosophy should emphasize the spaces in between.
The silence where one encounters genuine creativity.

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