Think for a Change (19): The Other Ethical Problem with the Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal

In light of the Penn State scandal that has struck Happy Valley and gained news coverage across the nation, I think it is important to remember that there are multiple issues at stake. Not just Penn State’s reputation; not the jobs of a few men; not simply that a number of young boys were abused and victimized. It is important to recognize that all of these elements were combined in such a way that led to moral failures on behalf of university administration and leaders who protected the image of an institutional at the expense of the interests of individual victims. The prevalence of sexual abuse must be addressed at large, but this reveals the dangers of sexual abuse when it is mixed with institutional power. Figuring out how to encourage a greater ability to locate moral accountability and cultivate moral sensibility, along with fostering the capacity to do right actions, should be a major task that is highlighted by this very sad and disturbing situation.

One thought on “Think for a Change (19): The Other Ethical Problem with the Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal

  1. I just watched and read your Onward State post "we still are but how and why" and think it's the first honest and challenging perspective I've read around this story.I'm a PSU alum and filmmaker and I've been covering this story since it broke. I've been looking for your perspective to include in the documentary for weeks now. My doc is MAY NO ACT OF OURS and I have a facebook page. I just posted your story on it.I would love to interview you about your post and your ideas around this. Would you be interested? Your voice would be invaluable to my film.My email is,Kelly Dolak

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