Here’s to New Beginnings

Some ideas are like seasons. They come around again. This blog is one of those ideas.

I’ve been blogging elsewhere for a few years now about my life, academic philosophy, and their intertwining–my philifesophy–but I’m eager to begin writing in another way and for other purposes. This will be the place where I share my thoughts and reflections that emerge from conversations with friends, acquaintances, and strangers. The themes will be love, life, relationships, and other gems that are found when one engages in a practice of open, honest, and authentic sharing with others. Philosophy still animates my thoughts but unlike my other blog that has frequently ended up talking about philosophy, this blog will be where the good stuff really happens–a certain kind of reflection on life that aims to help, heal, inspire, empower, and transform.

Here’s to taking small steps in new directions and joyfully following the journey. Please, join me; I love the company.

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