Want Transformation? Think for a Change.


I’ve been in Atlanta for the Advancing Public Philosophy Conference over the past few days, which led to many rich conversations, even more introductions to interesting people, and a whole storm of ideas that are pulsing through my head and filling the pages in my journal. It also led to the first Think for a Change video that features other philosophers! (Keep an eye out for it! There are lovely folks in it and I’ll upload it this week. I also expect that many a future blog post will be written in light of my experiences at this conference.)

Speaking of videos, if the strange word ‘philifesophy’ hasn’t yet grabbed your attention on my site then you might not know that I have a Youtube channel where I have posted videos about things like the meaning of life, things people didn’t say about the Penn State child sex abuse scandal, disappearing gay girls, and Asians in the library. Writing my dissertation over the past year has prevented me from posting videos but I’m excited to get back to it in the near future. In fact, keeping with my last blog post’s theme of living in the present and relating it to the past and future, I made a video last week that marks my readmittance into the land of vlogs. It explains what I’ve been doing with my philifesophy and where I hope to be going. Check it out, and keep on the look out for more videos to come!

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