From the Horse’s Mouth: Why Philosophy?

As I mentioned in my previous post, I had the great pleasure of meeting up with some really wonderful people last weekend at the Advancing Public Philosophy Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. This happy little Think for a Change video is one of my favorite things that came out of my experience there. Danielle La Susa, Avram (Oz) Blaker, and José Muñiz join me as we discuss philosophy and how one can experience the so-called crisis of not having any answers with playfulness, humility, and strength.

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One thought on “From the Horse’s Mouth: Why Philosophy?

  1. A great discussion by philosophers who have learned how to “dance beyond [them]selves” (TSZ) and have given in to “golden laughter” (BGE). The question of philosophical “solutions” or “answers” reminds me of Hannah Arendt’s description of thinking as an “activity” that is conducted “without banisters” (Denken ohne Geländer). Philosophy is risky, like dancing (at least for me!:)). It is not choreographed calculation operating according to means-end logic with the “banisters” of axioms, traditions, or unquestioned principles, but rather, as Arendt suggests, it is like Penelope’s weaving—ongoing and started again each day. The definition I like to give of philosophy is that it is the ongoing erotic pursuit of Truth, understood as the horizon for all truth claims and meaning that orients our work, but continually eludes us.

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