“Oh, Feminists! Glad I Never Was One.”

If all feminists are angry, man-hating lesbians then no wonder no one wants to be one.

Plus, apparently they’re so uptight that they can’t even take a compliment.

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6 thoughts on ““Oh, Feminists! Glad I Never Was One.”

  1. Good for you – my generation came up just after and didn’t think about feminism much because as you mention, we thought that things were on the upswing to reduce sexist oppression. (We mostly felt the same way about unionization and it’s foe of worker oppression.) It turns out we were wrong not to be vigilant on both fronts. The balance that we seek in these areas is fragile.

    • Thanks for your comment, Beth Anne. It’s amazing to me how many people don’t understand the value of feminism, which I think actually reflects the incredible amount of backlash that has been charged against it. Propagating a misunderstanding of feminism is such a clever and effective way to undermine it. I hope you’re still staying involved in the good fight despite such setbacks or lapses in vigilance!

    • I’m not sure if my previous reply ever got directly to you, but thank you for your comment. I’m happy that you are reading along – it’s so nice to share a feminist/philosophy connection with another blogger….though I wouldn’t be upset if you blogged about your cat more often.

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