My Abortion Story: Part I


It’s been some months now that I’ve had abortion on the forefront of my mind.

I’ve wanted to write a post about abortion, I still want to write about it, and there’s more to say, more to think about, and more to engage with every week as states across the country keep working in creative ways to restrict access to safe, legal abortions (Check out this comic to see the insidious things that are happening). So there it has sat on every daily to-do list for the past six months: “Abortion.”

But this is not that post. (Sorry, I’m not ready for that yet.)

It is something, though. It’s part of a larger story that I’ve been considering for almost a year now. And maybe one day soon, I’ll get to writing it all out and you’ll read Part II. In the meantime, I wanted to share this video because…I’m still thinking and I’m still learning. And I think that is very important.

UPDATE: It took awhile, but I FINALLY did it! I shared my abortion story…in public, in the middle of my town, at a rally, in front of a crowd of several hundred, no less. Find it here!

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One thought on “My Abortion Story: Part I

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