How to Drop an Anal Bomb (Live)

anal bomb

There are a couple of different ways to drop an anal bomb. (Urban dictionary will tell you one way; porn could probably show you something similar.) This is how I like to drop an anal bomb, and last week was my first time doing it in front of a live audience.

They loved it. 

The Anal Bomb is actually an articulation of the implications of my post How to (Fake That You’re In) Love. But if you’re into food/sex analogies, read this post about hamburgers and porn or watch this video on anal tomatoes.

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7 thoughts on “How to Drop an Anal Bomb (Live)

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  4. Fantastic presentation – thanks for your very entertaining and enjoyable application of philosophy to the important topic of people playing around with their bottoms. So persuasive and sound were your arguments that as a heterosexual male now in possession of your philosophical A bomb and also one of the tantus kind, I feel it is only right and proper that I apply the two with equal diligence to bring as much pleasure to the world, and myself, as possible.

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