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Introducing Feminist Frameworks

Going beyond what is typically covered in introductory trainings on gender, diversity, and inclusion, this program advances critical understandings of feminism, intersectionality, gender, and systems of oppression. Students will engage with feminist theory and scholarship by women about social identities, power, privilege, and injustice to develop a more robust understanding of foundational concepts and practices for personal, political, and social change.

Select Public Speaking

Positive Philosophy and Politics: Practicing with Both Sides (lecture, October 2017)

Feminist Friendship (video) TEDxCSU (public talk, March 2017)

“Real People. Real Abortions.” (rally for Planned Parenthood, February 2017


Ethical Ambiguity and Freedom to Do the Right Thing (colloquium, February 2017)

Live to Tell Another Not Rape Story and Be a Better Bystander” (keynote, Take Back the Night at CSU, April 2016)

On Thinking for a Change (video) TEDxFrontRange (public talk, May 2014)

Honest Confidence and the Lies of the Best (video) Ignite Fort Collins #16 (public talk, May 2014)

Cori Wong: How I Learned to Love the Anal Bomb (videoIgnite Fort Collins: After Dark #2 (public talk, January 2014)

Gender In the Workplace

Feminist Fight Club at Colorado State University, and Why We Need to Do Things Differently (address, October 2019)

#69 ASSP Seeing Gender In Workplace Safety through Multiple Lenses, Empowering Women in Manufacturing and Business (podcast, May 2019) – Summary: Four Keys to Gender Equity in the Workplace

BONUS CONTENT to #69 ASSP – Being an Ally for Others (podcast, May 2019)

On Sexuality and Identity

Fake Love to Make Love, The Australian Rationalist (article, Summer 2014)

Intersectionality, Or, Why I Don’t Write For Feminists, GEEKED Magazine (article, March 2014)

Improving the Politics of Evolution The Australian Rationalist (article, Spring 2013)

When Did You Choose to Be Straight? About Two Years Ago Featured by Bitch Media at (blog post, May 2013)

Where Are the Gay Girls? Re-Cognizing Homophobia APA Newsletter on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Issues (article, Fall 2011)

Cori Wong – Asian Gay & Proud Posted by Miyuki Baker (interview, June 2011)

On Life, Art, Philosophy, and Feminism

Think Hard Podcast #19: Feminist Friendship (podcast, January 2018)

Ethical Ambiguity and Freedom To Do the Right Thing, Colorado State University Ethics Colloquium Series (lecture, February 2017)

Seeds Already There, Rabbit Rabbit by Big Bad Bettie Press, Boulder (essay, May 2016)

Making Spaces Into Places at Greenscape: A Survey of Sound Art by Jim Green, Redline Denver (invited public commentary, November 2015)

The Laugh of the Medusa and Other Musings: On Jokes of Nature Redline, Denver (invited public commentary, October 2015)

Matters of the (Female) Flesh: Musings on Form and Meaning Redline, Denver (invited public commentary, April 2014)

On Penn State and the Sandusky Scandal

Loyalty Code Filmed and Directed by Kelly Dolak (documentary, 2017)

Open Letter: #WestillAre, but How and Why? Posted by Onward State (op-ed, November 2011)

The Other Ethical Problem with the Penn State Sex Abuse Scandal (video) Posted by Penn State Libraries (video archive, November 2011)

On Teaching, Social Media, and Philosophy

TLT Newsletter Podcast: Philosophy Grad Student Discusses ‘Philifesophy’ Via Social Media Listen to the interview here.  Posted by Jamie Oberdick, Penn State, Teaching and Learning with Technology (podcast, November 2011)

Teaching for Transformation and the Transformation of Teaching (videoat Penn State’s Liberal Arts Scholarship and Technology Summit (public talk, August 2011)

Digital Dialogue 46: Public Philosophy Listen to our conversation about my work with the Public Philosophy Network, using blogs to do philosophy, the risk of being public, and doing philosophy with integrity here. Posted by Christopher Long (podcast, April 2011)

Digital Dialogue 51: Digital Public on scholarship, institutional transformation in academia, social media, and public philosophy. Listen to my conversation with Ronald Sundstrom, Mark Fisher, Chris Long, Rick Vance, and Jessica Harper here. Posted by Christopher Long (podcast, October 2011)