Thinking the Unknown

I'm currently writing my first book under the working title, Thinking the Unknown, which exposes how an epistemology of ignorance shapes what we think we know about sex, gender, and sexuality. The concept of an epistemology of ignorance is obviously very important to my philosophy (I mean, I did one of my most popular videos on it … Continue reading Thinking the Unknown

“Oh, Feminists! Glad I Never Was One.”

If all feminists are angry, man-hating lesbians then no wonder no one wants to be one. Plus, apparently they're so uptight that they can't even take a compliment. Want more Wong? Follow me on Twitter @Cori_Wong, "LIKE" my page on Facebook, subscribe to my YouTube channel, and see pictures of my cat on Instagram.

Person vs. Lying Robot: A Lesson In Ethics

I've learned a lot this semester while teaching my first class in Medical and Healthcare Ethics. We've covered a range of topics that I hope to eventually make videos and write posts about, but one insight in particular has repeatedly been made apparent to me in my personal life: It's inappropriate to respond to everything in the … Continue reading Person vs. Lying Robot: A Lesson In Ethics

“You’re Not a Rapist if it’s Not Rape”

“One has to learn to trust one’s own cognitive powers, to develop one’s own concepts, insights, modes of explanation, overarching theories, and to oppose the epistemic hegemony of conceptual frameworks designed in part to thwart and suppress the exploration of such matters; one has to think against the grain.” -Charles Mills, The Racial Contract According … Continue reading “You’re Not a Rapist if it’s Not Rape”