Philosophers Can Be Fun(ny), Too!*

Tonight I finished reading Tina Fey's Bossypants, and yes, it's worth your time to read it. Especially if you are a woman. Especially if you have other work you should be doing. Especially if you are depressed. Especially if you have to eat some food tomorrow.  Because it's not only very funny, but also very … Continue reading Philosophers Can Be Fun(ny), Too!*

Revisiting Philifesophy with a Smile

It's been four months since I sat for my comps and defended my exam, which means that it's been four months since I last read a book and since I last committed myself to the daily grind of doing academic philosophy. Remember when I decided to give myself "a week or two off" and not … Continue reading Revisiting Philifesophy with a Smile

The End of the World: Undertaking Whatever is Hardest

This reflection was written in response to a paper by Ladelle McWhorter, which she presented at Penn State last week for a conference that honored the work of Charles Scott. Reflecting on Charles Scott’s role as one of her most influential teachers, Ladelle McWhorter focused her paper, “Whatever is Hardest,” on the ethical question of … Continue reading The End of the World: Undertaking Whatever is Hardest