Fondue Conversion Therapy and How I Learned to Eat

At eight years old, I read my encyclopedia before bed and some of my favorite television shows were Dateline, Primetime Live, and 20/20. Apparently, I was a precocious child who loved learning about things like how light waves work, as well as shocking tactics predators are using to abduct children in your neighborhood. My sick taste in television also introduced me to … Continue reading Fondue Conversion Therapy and How I Learned to Eat

Food, Being, and Time

A birthday cheesecake for me made by my friend, Laura. I had a lovely get-to-know-you conversation with a new friend last night, and not surprisingly, two of my favorite passions organically arose in the conversation. I spoke with a fervor and enthusiasm about philosophy in the way that always reminds me of the fact that … Continue reading Food, Being, and Time